Stefan James Lang – Managing Partner
One of the foremost exponents of CRM and direct marketing in Europe, with a track record of success with many of Europe's largest companies. Comprehensive experience of managing all aspects of services marketing and sales strategy, both in Europe and globally. Management style: results and performance driven; an active communicator. Benchmark skills: utilizing data-driven business models, client acquisition, closed-loop marketing and CRM to integrate all marketing channels synergistically into a seamless client experience to leverage and build brand uniqueness and maximize the value of the client base.


  • EUWIFO, The European Economic Research Institute, Founder
  • Credit Suisse, Director Marketing
  • BMW, Head of Direct Banking UK
  • American Express International, Director Marketing

Strategy and Implementation

  • Strategic and marketing planning, client lifecycle management
  • All forms of economic and market research
  • New product development, market research, data-mining, and client profiling
  • Development and implementation of national, international and global marketing strategies and campaigns

Client Acquisition and Lifecycle Management

  • Expertise in all on- and offline client acquisition channels
  • Vast experience in cross selling, increasing revenue streams, client loyalty, and anti-churn programs Integration of CRM into all client touch points
  • Sales strategy and support

Branding and Advertising

  • Branding, design development and optimization
  • Advertising creation, implementation, efficiency measurements, optimization, European and global expansion, and local adaptation
  • PR and internal communication

Managerial and Geographic

  • Management of complex, geographically dispersed and culturally diverse marketing organizations
  • Efficient reengineering of marketing and sales organizations